Vickie Burnett

My name is Vickie Burnett and I’m 55 years old . My mind and body have been put threw some things which took a major toll on me , I was a drug abuser from the age of 11 til  the age of 34 .  after my first 5 years of being sober I was feeling the fog lift off my mind as well as my skin looked like it was alive again.  Unfortunately this feeling did stick around very long. About 7 years ago I started feeling the fog roll back in and my skin started looking rough and my teeth started feeling weak. My vision , hair, nails, all showed me that I was aging a lot faster than I should be. My memory is the big problem I’ve had such major decline. I’m sure all the drug use back then was damaging .i don’t know how much to blame on it because I am aging to. About three or four months ago I listened to a video that I came across in my email, it was you explaining about televite . I was praying that this would be the miracle I had been waiting so long for. I’ve tried every multi vitamin on the market. They help gave me extra energy but the fog never went away. I ordered the televite that moment . Once I started taking them I felt a difference by the second day.  In a weeks time it was like I had a new brain, to be able to have short term memory back and not be embarrassed because I couldn’t remember something I had just been told ten minutes earlier was fabulous. It was such a relief to know that it wouldn’t be a problem for me in the future. Before televite I was constantly thinking I would have to be put in a home because I couldn’t remember who or where I was.   I wish that the everybody on earth would take it , because we would have a much happier place to be. My moods are nothing but smiles these days thanks to your product.  I will not stop taking it . If I had to make a choice between food and televite it would definitely be televite all the way.

Thank you very much