Ronald K. Spiess

Here’s what Telovite has done for me.   I had a scar from removing a skin cancer from my ear that was abnormally large and extended beyond the edge of my ear.  Needless to say it was unsightly.  My wife even suggested plastic surgery to correct it.   After taking Telovite for some time we noticed that the scar had practically disappeared!  Since I’ve been doing nothing different than using Telovite we have to assume that the ingredients in your product caused the results with my scar.  I’m 77 yr. old and have also noticed that my “age spots” on my hands and arms are gone!!  I have to attribute both of these changes to your product.  Since I’ve had such remarkable results,  my doubting wife has started taking Telovite and we’re waiting to see how it benefits her.  Given the changes in my skin,  I would heartily recommend Telovite to all my aging friends.