Patrick Horrocks

I started taking Televite a little over a month ago. I chose this among the many nutritional supplements available because the information I read indicated that this product would address so many issues associated with aging.

At 67 I had begun to experience an overall decline in my state of health, and physical stamina. I would love to able to say that I feel 45 again, but that seems a bit unrealistic. I can say that after a relatively short time using this product, that I notice a significant improvement in several areas of concern. My leg pain has diminished, I’m sleeping better, and I have more energy. Based on these results, I am very optimistic regarding the long term benefits of using this product.

As a certified Exercise Physiologist, I am aware that there is no “magic” pill that can instantly turn back the clock. Televite seems to come close however. I strongly believe that taken on a daily basis for 6 months or more, it can repair much of the damage done by poor lifestyle choices. I’m looking forward to a continuing improvement in my state of health, and an extended and high quality of life.