Don and Nancy, Westford, MA

Nancy, my better half and I have been Telovite customers and users for several months. We have used the caplets in accordance with the label instructions.

We probably all agree that taking supplements does not produce an immediate ‘flash’ of energy to tell us that we have arrived in perfect health. It’s a gradual process. Some of the ingredients probably parallel or duplicate items found in our daily foods. The items that would normally be missing in our daily eating habits are contained in Telovite supplements. Items such as Iron have been eliminated from Telovite supplements to avoid overdosing of those ingredients found in our daily foods that might be harmful to our systems. This is intelligent compounding!

Nancy and I have discovered an increased level of energy. We have found that 7-8 hours of sleep provides what we need, as opposed to getting up in the morning feeling like going back to bed! In short, we have found the answers to many of our questions about supplementation. We are into Telovite for the long haul. Thanks for this opportunity to tell our story.