p40plus ingredients

Saw Palmetto Extract is derived from a small, slow-growing palm native to southeastern United States. The fruits are a rich source of fatty acids and phytosterols and are used to help support normal urine flow, promote healthy urination during the day and night, and help maintain complete bladder emptying.

Our saw palmetto delivers pure standardized saw palmetto berry extract to promote men’s health, specifically supporting the prostate gland and urinary tract function. P40PLUS is guaranteed to supply 85-95% fatty acids and beneficial plant sterols.

Rye Flower Pollen Extract is a natural food supplement from pollen specifically designed to support prostate function. It features a group of microbiologically fermented pollen extracts from specific plant species for their suitability for prostate support.

Flower pollen extracts have been used for more than thirty years in Europe and Asia for general wellness and prostate health concerns, and numerous studies have demonstrated Rye Flower Pollen to be an effective tool in enhancing and maintaining prostate and urinary health.

Phytopin® is a pine phytosterol extracted from the heart of the pine and is the richest source of beta-sitosterol. Numerous human studies support the value of beta-sitosterol to provide andvanced nutritional support for male urinary comfort and male well-being.

Phytopin® is natural extract characterized by its purity and its constant quality. It is also used in food supplements recommended to fight against hair loss.