Here is a list of major media and medical journal telomere headlines:

“Finding Clues to Aging in the Fraying Tips of Chromosomes” – The New York Times

“Scientists Get Closer to Understanding Why We Age” – Time Magazine

“Telomerase Reverses Ageing Process” – Nature, the prestigious scientific journal

“Significant Relationship Between Mortality and Telomere Length Discovered”

–  Science Daily

“Making Cells Live Forever in Quest for Cures” – The Wall Street Journal

“Older Grandfathers Pass on Longer Telomeres, Possibly Longer Life”

The Los Angeles Times

“Caps on Chromosomes May Reveal Health Risks” – The Washington Post

“From Telomeres to the Origins of Life” – The New York Times

“Shorter telomere length…equated to an estimated 4.5 years of accelerated aging.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Link Between Faster ‘Biological’ Aging and Risk of Developing Age-Related Diseases.”

– Science Daily

“Intermountain study finds length of DNA strands can predict life expectancy.”

  – EurekAlert 

Why Some People Are More Likely to Catch a Cold.” – Time Magazine

“Scientists reverse some age effects in mice.” – Los Angeles Times

“Deadly Cancer Risk Linked to Cell Age.” – WebMD

“Telomere Length Predicts the Life Expectancy of Patients with Heart Disease”

   – SciTechDaily

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