Rob Martin

Rob Martin

Since 1982, Rob Martin has been at the forefront of the nutraceutical/life extension movement. Through radio, television, and publishing, he has reached millions with a science-based message of optimal health and longevity.

 As a producer, writer and talk radio host, he has created and/or produced thousands of hours of radio, TV and video programs focused on integrative health. He has worked closely with many thought-leaders in the field of complementary-alternative medicine.

In the area of product development, Mr. Martin has created scores of leading edge nutraceutical formulations for medical practices, natural pharmacies, and national nutritional supplement companies. This includes New Vitality’s Ageless Male, one of the most successful product launches in the nutraceutical industry.

As an entrepreneur, in 1982, with Jeffrey Fisher, M.D., he launched the Center for Preventive Medicine, a large successful New York City/Long Island CAM practice. In 1985, he and Dr. Fisher became co-founders of Dallas, TX based United Sciences of America, Inc. In 1996, Mr. Martin became co-founder of Hickey Chemists/InVite Health natural pharmacies and retail locations. He was the co-host of InVite Radio a very popular health talk radio show broadcast live six days a week in the New York tri-state market.

Currently, Mr. Martin is the founder and president of West-Martin Longevity, manufacturer of next generation nutraceuticals, including TeloVite, The First Cellular Longevity Multivitamin:

“For over three decades, pioneer Rob Martin has issued a clarion call of scientifically sanctioned recommendations for human health facilitation through nutraceuticals. In an industry riven with false claims, we hunger for truth. We have found it in Rob Martin.”

~ Larry Dossey, MD

Author: Reinventing Medicine & ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of A Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Rob Martin is a rare, gifted and courageous man who concentrates his talents on serving others. Rob’s focus is to uncover the most advanced scientific information on nutrition. He has matched his passion with outstanding abilities to connect and communicate with others with his honest, intelligent, and transformative approach to health and longevity.”

~ James C. Meehan, Jr., M.D. – Surgeon/Age Management Specialist/World Jujitsu Champion/Former West Point

   Regimental Commander

Kelly Cappasola

Kelly Cappasola

Kelly has been a radio broadcaster and syndicator for the past 14 years and has produced many top ranked Health programs across the nation. She is also the creator, executive producer and host of the Forever Young national radio show, which debuted in 2000 and with the help of informative guests and sponsors.

Kelly has evolved into an insightful health advocate and coach with a loyal coast-to-coast following. She lends her advice and personal experience on diet and nutrition encouraging women and men to achieve an optimal quality of life through a progressive holistic lifestyle.